Art Cards by Kids frequently asked questions...

  1. Do we get student's original artwork back? Yes, all original artwork is shipped back to you with your card orders at the end of the fundraiser.
  2. Can teachers order cards? Yes, teachers can order class sets which include (one) 1 card from each student. They must order a complete set. It is up to you as a group to determine cost to teachers. Most schools choose to offer them to teachers at cost of $1.00 plus tax each.
  3. Can a complete set of school cards be ordered? Yes, you can order a complete set of the schools cards. Complete school sets are charged at .75 per card with envelope.
  4. How do we order class/school sets? This is ordered via separate email at Please indicate teacher name and division.
  5. Can we enter names and ages online before artwork is complete? No you cannot enter names and ages of students until you have shipped us the artwork and we have scanned all images. You will be notified when scanning is complete and at that time we will provide you with a user name and password to access our online software to enter student names/ages and to choose the orientation of the cards.
  6. Can we change prices of cards. Yes, you can change prices to suit your needs. The prices for cards on the cost/profit sheet are suggested pricing. Please contact us via email to discuss your pricing needs.
  7. Can we offer "family pricing" for cards to parents that have more than one child in the school? Yes. It is totally up to you as a school to offer any discounts for family pricing. If you choose to do this you will need to attach a note to the sample cards for your students that explains this. It is not recommended trying to explain family pricing on the order forms as it gets too complicated.
  8. Is late ARTWORK accepted? No, late artwork is not accepted due to the fact that there is a lot of work involved in re-uploading class artwork onto our online software to include an additional student. You can, however, send a copied order form home with the original artwork and the parent would have to imagine it as a card and place their order that way. It would require you shipping the artwork to us separately (if they decide to place an order) which would require extra shipping costs on your end.
  9. What if we make a spelling or age error when entering names/ages online? You change spelling of names and changes to age when you are placing your orders. All information will be saved each time you exit our software.
  10. What time of year is most successful for this fundraiser? Christmas cards are a popular theme, however, general purpose cards are also very successful for schools. For a successful spring fundraiser, we recommend keeping general purpose cards "generic" and avoid text referring to Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, Easter, Halloween etc.
  11. Does this fundraiser apply to preschool? Yes, we frequently help preschools with fundraising.
  12. Are late ORDERS accepted? Yes, you can place ONE (1) late order with as many orders for cards within that late order as you like as long as it is placed within 5 business days of your main order to ensure the cards ship at the same time. If you place a second late order, extra shipping charges will apply.