About Us

How Art Cards by Kids began…

In 2008 our daughter, Jada, was in grade 4 and took art classes where she created a number of amazing original pieces of art. At that time, we had been in the printing business for over 15 years and decided to purchase a table at her school Christmas Craft Fair for her to sell her holiday artwork printed on greeting cards. It started out as a business lesson, teaching her about the various supplies she needed to pay for: table rental, printing the cards, and materials to create an eye catching table. Jada quickly sold out and made a great profit after her expenses!

At that time, her Grade 4 teacher wanted to take the students on a field trip, but unfortunately it was expensive so she hesitated to ask parents for donations. I suggested we have the students do artwork in the class and their parents, grandparents, and friends could purchase them to raise funds for the field trip. After the campaign, the class made enough profit to fully cover their field trip.

From there, Art Cards by Kids was founded. We offered our first whole-school trial fundraiser to our children’s school and they profited over $2000.00 with proceeds filling the remaining fund to complete their school playground.

We are enthusiastic to announce that over the years our small family business has grown and raised over $1,500,000 for schools across North America.

Our children now work at Art Cards by Kids helping bring the fundraiser to more schools. We are truly a family business with our entire family working hard to help schools raise funds in a unique and creative way.

We love seeing children’s artwork come through our door and are amazed at the effort that goes into artwork by both teachers and students. Thank you for letting us share our love of the arts with you by creating one of a kind, cherished memories of your children’s artwork!

Mike and Marcy
Art Cards by Kids Founders