Frequently Asked Questions
for Fundraising Coordinators

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  • I am interested in running the Art Cards by Kids fundraiser, do you have materials to present to my parent group/school? 
    A: Absolutely! Please Contact Us requesting presentation materials and we will equip you with all the information you need.
  • How do I start a fundraiser / How do I register my school?
    A: You can Register Your School here or find the button “Registration” on our site. The form only takes a few minutes to fill out. Please have your school’s class list ready- all we need is teacher name and number of students for each class participating. Other info we need is your contact (the school’s fundraiser coordinator), shipping address, and profit cheque addressee, etc.

    Once you submit your registration, we will send your starter package out right away. It will contain all the information and materials you need to get started.
  • Can siblings and staff participate?
    A: Yes! Please plan how many extra sheets you will need and add them as another class when you register your school. Siblings may have to do artwork at home, so please plan accordingly for artwork collection, distribution of samples, and distribution of orders.
  • Will my school get their original artwork back?
    A: Yes! We always return all original artwork back to the school with the orders, at the end of the fundraiser.
  • Can I add late or missed artwork?
    A: Depending on which step your fundraiser is on, we can usually accept late artwork. Please scan any late pieces as PDFs and email them to us.

    *Please note that adding late artwork once your fundraiser has entered the ordering stage (after you have received your samples) will incur a small fee per piece. At that point, please be sure the parent wishes to order before sending us the artwork.
  • When will our school get our orders?
    A: We require 5-10 days to produce orders from the latest due date. Please refer to your timeline for more details.
  • How do I distribute my school’s orders?
    A: Please follow the packing slips included in box 1 of the product shipment to check each order, ensuring that it is present before distributing to the classrooms. You will receive an instruction sheet with the packing slip booklet.
  • Can I pick up and drop off shipments to save costs?
    A: Yes! We allow pick up and drop off at our location. Please email us to confirm our open hours and address.
  • Can we open a late order?
    A: We usually automatically open your school to allow late orders for a short period of time after the deadline. This depends on your school’s specific timeline and preferences, so be sure to reach out to us to confirm.  

    *It is not recommended you advertise this until the main deadline has passed.
  • Who pays for shipping?
    A: Your first shipment of Art Sheets and materials is covered by your admin fee. Sending artwork back to us is the school’s responsibility. For samples and orders, the shipping cost is deducted from the school’s profit cheque. Please Contact Us to request pricing for more information.
  • Why must parents order Art Cards first to order other products?
    A: Art Cards (greeting cards) earn the most profit for your school. Other products that we offer are subsidized by the sale of Art Cards, so that we can offer them at a lower price while still generating profit for the school. This ensures that the school is earning the maximum benefit for your hard work and keeps our fundraiser a high-profit program for schools!
  • How do I log into my school’s account and what are my login credentials?
    A: To access your school account, please click here or find the “School Login” button on our site. Use the credentials we supplied you with to log in (Username / Password). You will receive your logins when you get the “Names and Ages Ready” update.
  • Where can I find student codes?
    A: Please log into your school account and click the button “Student Codes” on the home page. Here you will see a list of each student’s ArtworkID code (red code) that parents use to order.
  • How do I place Class Set orders for staff and how do I pay?
    A: Please Log In to your school account, and click Class Set Orders in the menu. Details are on this page, and you can place your order(s) there too. 
  • When is the best time to run an Art Cards by Kids fundraiser?
    A: Any time of year! We run two campaigns. Fall: September through December. Spring: January through June. Our Fall fundraiser is popular to create holiday themed artwork with delivery before the holidays. The Spring fundraiser is geared toward general theme all purpose artwork which can be used year-round.

    We recommend registering early for the fall campaign, like in early September, to ensure you have enough time to complete before the holidays.

    The fundraiser takes 4-6 weeks to complete on average.

    The spring campaign is longer, so you can choose anytime within those 6 months to run your fundraiser.
  • What are my responsibilities as school fundraiser coordinator?
    A: Your responsibility is to manage the fundraiser, including registering your school, organizing artwork completion, entering names and ages on our software, distributing sample cards, distributing orders. Also, promoting your fundraiser to parents and managing the parent’s questions and inquiries.
  • How long does the fundraiser take?
    A: It takes 4-6 weeks to complete the fundraiser once we receive your completed artwork.
  • Can I see a profit and pricing list?
    A: Please Contact Us and check the box “I am a school admin and want to receive more information on fundraising” and we will be happy to provide you with costs/profits information.
  • How does the school collect profit?
    A: Art Cards by Kids issues a profit cheque and report at the end of the fundraiser, addressed to your chosen party entered on your registration.