Frequently Asked Questions
for Teachers

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  • I am interested in running the Art Cards by Kids fundraiser, do you have materials to present to my parent group/school? 
    A: Absolutely! Please Contact Us requesting presentation materials and we will equip you with all the information you need.
  • Can I order and pay for a class set (1 card from each of my students)?
    A: The school fundraiser coordinator has access to ordering sets. Please contact them to place your class set order.
  • Will my class get their original artwork back?
    A: Yes! We always return all original artwork back to the school with the orders, at the end of the fundraiser.
  • I have a late piece of artwork or I forgot to include one.
    A: Please get in contact with your school fundraiser coordinator. They can contact us about how to submit the artwork.
  • I need more Art Sheets, where can I get them?
    A: We supply extra Art Sheets to the school. Please check at the office or with your school fundraiser coordinator to find out where they are located.
  • What mediums can I use for the artwork?
    A: Paints, pastels, felts, and glued objects are all allowed. Glitter, sand, or fine particles (they can fall off and damage our equipment) are not allowed. We recommend using bold bright color, like acrylic paints, to produce the best-looking artwork for reproduction on products. Lightly and sparsely filled in pencil crayon does not transfer well. Please see our Teacher Guidelines that were supplied with your Art Sheets for detailed instructions and tips. Check out our Artwork Ideas page for inspiration and step by step instructions for our artwork examples.
  • What kind of artwork should my class create?
    A: Please check with your school fundraiser coordinator if they have a theme in mind based on the end date of the fundraiser. Likely, if your school is doing a fall campaign the artwork will be Christmas, holiday, or winter themed. In spring, general theme artwork is best like landscapes, animals, self portraits, artist studies for year-round display.

    See our Artwork Ideas resource.
  • I am missing a sample card.
    A: This might mean a piece of artwork was missed at one of the steps. Please Contact Us and we will investigate.