School Profits

*These are suggested prices only, you are welcome to change
**Profit before administration fee and shipping
PLEASE NOTE: Cost of additional products (plaques, puzzles,
ornaments) is subsidized by a minimum art card order per
student, therefore, parents must order art cards to order
additional products. This also increases your school profit

You DO NOT PAY any up-front costs to begin the fundraiser. Parents pay for their orders online using credit card. We issue your school a profit check at the end of the fundraiser (less administration fee and shipping).

Administration fee

75¢ per student/artwork submitted to us (example: 150 students = $112.50 admin. fee) We charge an administration fee because we scan and create custom sample cards for every student, whether they order or not. Sample cards significantly increase your school profit.

Admin Fee Covers the Following

  • Art sheets for every student to create their artwork on
  • Shipping of your initial package
  • Scanning of all artwork
  • Samples for each student


Shipping of start up package included in administration fee.
School arranges and pays for shipping of artwork back to us.
We deduct shipping of sample cards and final order from your school profit.