Frequently Asked Questions
for Family & Parents

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Have additional questions about your school’s Art Cards by Kids fundraiser? Please get in touch with your fundraiser coordinator your school for more information.

  • I missed the deadline, can I still place an order?
    A: Check with your school coordinator to see if they are accepting late orders. If all orders are closed, you will not be able to add one.
  • Why isn’t the checkout page accepting my email address?
    A: Please double check that both email fields are identical, and no spaces exist before or after. Our system is set to accept any email. Troubleshooting: Try changing your browser (Firefox, Chrome, Safari) or clearing your history/cookies.
  • My payment is not working.
    A: We accept all major credit cards, and some debit cards:  MasterCard, Visa, VisaDebit, Discover.
  • I did not receive an email receipt.
    A: Receipts may be sent to junk mail by some email services. Please check your junk inbox, or any other inbox you have where it may have been routed. Our system automatically sends the receipt to the email you inputted at checkout.
  • I lost my sample card / ArtworkID (red) code
    A: Please check with your school coordinator to look up your child’s code. 
  • Artwork or sample card is the wrong orientation (upside-down, landscape vs portrait, etc.) or there is a problem with the scan (color problems etc.).
    A: Please Contact Us describing the problem. Be sure to include which school you are from and your red ArtworkID code.  
  • Name or age on my sample card is incorrect.
    A: When placing an order, please find on the second page two type boxes where you can edit name and age.

    *Please note any changes made take effect once the order is placed and apply to ALL orders placed for that code, past and future.
  • Artwork appears to be mirrored.
    A: Please note that we do not mirror image (flip artwork). If artwork appears this way, that is because it’s how the original was created by the artist. It is very common for young students to sign their name in near mirror image fashion on their artwork, even if they usually write it the correct way other times.
  • Will my child get their original artwork back?
    A: Yes! We always return all original artwork back to the school with the orders, at the end of the fundraiser.
  • What is my RED ArtworkID code?
    A: Your child’s ArtworkID code is the RED code on the back of their sample card. This is the artwork’s unique identifier code. Please use this code when placing your order.
  • When will I receive my order?
    A: All orders for the fundraiser are produced at the same time. You can expect products to land at the school roughly 10 days from the date printed in your sample card (order due date). This time may vary. Please contact your school coordinator for more detailed info for your school.

    *If you find this delivery time lands too late, for example, too close to Christmas, we recommend to kindly give supportive feedback to your school asking to run the fundraiser a little earlier next year.
  • Where does my order ship to?
    A: All orders ship together to your school. Once they arrive, the school is responsible for checking all orders and distribution.
  • Why must I order Art Cards first to order other products?
    A: Art Cards (greeting cards) earn the most profit for your school. Other products that we offer are subsidized by the minimum sale of Art Cards, so that we can offer them at a lower price while still generating profits for the school. This ensures that the school is earning the maximum benefit for their hard work and keeps our fundraiser a high-profit program for schools!
  • Can I group multiple kids together in one order?
    A: No. Please start on page one for each order and enter each unique artwork code separately.
  • I have more than one child at the school, can I combine my orders for a discount or to not have a minimum card order for all codes?
    A: Unfortunately, you cannot combine orders. Please place a separate order for each unique red ArtworkID code. Each code will have a minimum card order requirement to make additional products available.

    We must put some requirements in place to keep it both a logistically simple and profitable fundraiser for the school and its staff. Please see the other FAQ “Why must I order Art Cards first to order other products?” for additional info. Proceeds feed directly back into the school, helping to improve education for all students.